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Donna Has Left The Building

a novel

Advance Praise:

“What I cherish about Susan Jane Gilman's writing is how light the touch is, and how deeply it cuts. Like the flawed heroine of this engrossing and incisive -- politically, domestically, psychologically -- story of an ordinary American life confronted by extraordinary need in the world beyond our borders, Gilman rises to a new level of urgency, empathy, pathos, and, simply, beauty, in her storytelling.” --Boris Fishman, author of A Replacement Life and Savage Feast

“How can you not be seduced by the irresistible premise of Gilman’s sensational, funny, and yes, sometimes wrenching, new novel? Not only does it have a raucous road trip (who doesn’t love those?) but its indefatigable heroine, a one-time punk rocker calcifying in suburbia, takes off to discover a wider world, a wilder life, and the realization that whatever is broken—in ourselves or the world—needs only our bravery to get it into turnaround.”-- Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You, Is this Tomorrow, and Cruel Beautiful World

“Susan Jane Gilman’s Donna Has Left The Building is a road trip for the ages, careening wildly from Las Vegas to New York City to a refugee camp on a Greek island. This book took me completely by surprise: a funny and naughty page turner about a woman’s mid-life crisis (which is plenty) becomes much, much more. A welcome lesson on how to be good.” —Marcy Dermansky, author of Twins, Bad Marie, and The Red Car