Some writers are introverts. I am not. Here are links to my commentaries for NPR’s “All Things Considered,” my TED talk, a presentation I delivered at Google headquarters in New York City, and more.



Susan Jane Gilman’s reviews and commentaries

Susan Jane Gilman takes us through the journey of the creative process. She show us the danger of the seductive belief in instant breakthroughs by unveiling the challenges that every writer faces, where sometimes "my worst self gave rise to my best art". Susan Jane Gilman is an award-winning, best-selling author.

The IndieNext Pick is about an immigrant girl's transformation into an indomitable businesswoman in early 20th century New York. As a child in 1913, Malka Treynovsky flees Russia for New York with her family - only to be crippled and abandoned in the streets. Taken in by a tough-loving Italian ices peddler, Malka survives.

New York Times bestselling author Susan Jane Gilman talks about her highly acclaimed debut novel, the epic, eventful saga of a fierce young immigrant's rise to become the greatest ice cream maker in America.