Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress

Tales of growing up groovy and clueless

An instant New York Times Bestseller

“Thank you, O Lord, for sending us Susan Gilman’s tales…This is a memoir men should read. It explains a generation that is neither Lost nor Beat, Silent nor Xed, and Susan Gilman is its saucy chronicler.” — Frank McCourt

“If you don’t absolutely love this book, you are simply dead inside.” — Laurie Notaro

“Hilarious, enlightened, and inviting.”
— Cathi Hanauer

Gilman’s laugh-out-loud memoir about the struggle to be ‘the biggest, brightest star in the universe” and yet “exactly like everyone else” while being raised by hippies in New York City. Her stories, including tales of being an uncool white kid forced to follow a maharishi in a Puerto Rican neighborhood; having dinner with Mick Jagger as a starstruck teenager; waking up to the larger world in Communist Poland as a young reporter, and having a meltdown in David’s Bridal as a feminist bride-to-be, landed Gilman on the New York Times Bestseller list for seven months and heralded her as “the female David Sedaris” and “a talented writer of note.”