The Airborne Lunatic

Ah, ‘tis the season for holiday travel. And I, for one, am greatly looking forward to the new, full-body pat-downs at airport security. You want to run a metal-detector over my nether parts? Please, be my guest. While you’re at…
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My Sad, Irish Valentine

This month, Frank McCourt would’ve turned 80. This blog is in his honor. Recently, I went to Ireland to honor my late, great mentor and high school English teacher, Frank McCourt. As you may know, Frank McCourt taught in the…
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What is in a Nickname?

Ah, once again, it seems, I’ve pissed off the Brits. Recently, my husband, the Amazing Bob, and I went to London. From Geneva, it’s an hour-long flight, followed by an eternity stuck in rush-hour traffic. Yet as our voluptuous British…
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